What New Activities Can You Try At Club MAC Alcudia in 2016?

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Club MAC Family Masterchef

Here at Club MAC Alcudia, we strive to improve our service all the time. We have launched a number of new activities for you and your family to enjoy when you stay at our resort this season. So what new activities can you try at Club MAC Alcudia in 2016?

Olympic Day

With the 2016 Rio Olympics scheduled to take place this summer, we are marking this special occasion by putting on fortnightly Olympic Days at Club MAC. Throughout daylight hours we’ll be holding team games and individual games in the afternoons, so everyone can indulge in some friendly competition! Once the evening descends, we’ll all come together for a mini disco and watch the day’s winners get their medals, while everyone will also get a certificate just for taking part!

MAC Express

One morning every fortnight, you’ll get the chance to try MAC Express. This event features a number of investigative, search and abilities-based tests which will push you to your limits! The tests end at midday; at 12.30 we’ll introduce all the Club MAC Alcudia staff to you and we’ll all singalong to the Club MAC song, ‘500 Miles’ by The Pretenders. We cap off MAC Express in the evening, when our staff deliver a prize to the winning team on stage.

MAC Music Awards

If you’re around in the evening, you can be an A-lister for a day by attending the MAC Music Awards. When this fortnightly occasion rolls around, you’ll get the chance to vote out of a list of the most popular hits throughout the past few years in a range of categories. The ceremony, which is modelled on the iconic MTV Music Awards, takes place that evening and you won’t want to miss it!

Around the World

If you want to trot the globe without leaving our resort, try our fortnightly Around the World activity. Held in the evening, this event takes you on a tour of various countries around the world, from the far reaches of Asia to the distant horizons of the Americas, with a range of musical shows! We use videos to transport you from place to place, so you really will get to see the world in a single night!

Tikki Party

Take a fortnightly sojourn to the Pacific by checking out our Tikki Parties, which are scheduled to take place throughout the summer. Starting at 15.00pm and ending at 17.00pm, these fun-filled events are based on the Polynesia theme, featuring a fun range of decorations to transport you to this exotic, faraway region. When you attend one of these parties, you’ll be able to sip on delicious cocktails and try some great dances and games, ensuring you walk away with fabulous memories!

Pyjama Party

If you just want to get comfy and have a good time with some friends, try our fortnightly Pyjama Party! Taking place from 20.00pm until 22.30pmm these are basically the best sleepovers ever, without the actual sleeping! They start with a mini disco pyjama party, where you can bop along to the best beats and we finish the disco with a group conga line! After that, you can try a number of sleepover games and then end your night by watching cartoons and munching on popcorn!

Try our activities

As you can see, we’ve got a lot going on here at Club MAC Alcudia this year. We’re holding a range of activities throughout every fortnight at our resort, so when you’re staying with us chances are you’ll get to try a few of these fun-filled events out for yourself. With our expert entertainment team on hand to make sure you have a good time, you’re sure to really enjoy our new activities!

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