How to Unwind in Majorca

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Club MAC Alcudia Pier

When you travel to Club MAC Alcudia, an outstanding family holiday resort in Majorca, you’ll want to appreciate every single moment of your trip. Learn to unwind in Majorca so you can make the most of everything this stunning Balearic paradise has to offer!

Get some sleep

Try to get eight hours sleep on holiday. If you’re fully rested, you’ll be able to appreciate your amazing getaway experience with a clear head! While you’re in Majorca you may want to take siesta in the afternoons, so you can wake up ready to enjoy your evenings in Club MAC’s first rate bars and restaurants!

Don’t over organise

There’s so much to see and do in Majorca. But if you, for example, decide to check out all of the Alcudia’s natural attractions in a short span of time you’ll just stress yourself out. By all means do your research and plan what you’re going to see and do while you’re at Club MAC Alcudia. But leave some time in your schedule to just chill out, so you can go with the flow every once in a while!

Deal with stress

Going on holiday, especially with family, can get a little stressful from time to time. Don’t let a family disagreement over whether to check out the Northern Tip of Majorca or to spend a day at Marine Land turn into a full blown argument! Learn how to deal with stress so you can truly relax on holiday. Sometimes holding an honest discussion with your family is all you need to avoid stressful situations!

Be careful in the sun

With average temperatures soaring as high as 27°C in summer, the beaches of Alcudia are great for sunbathing. But if you’re not careful you could get sunburn, which may put a little bit of a damper on your holiday experience. Make sure that you’re careful in the sun, use plenty of sun lotion and drink a lot of water while holidaying in Majorca, to make the most of the Island’s glorious sun!

Take some time offline

How can you relax in Majorca if you check your smartphone every five minutes? We’d suggest that you take a little time offline when you fly out to the Balearics, so that you can get away from the hectic demands of modern life and just chill out in a sun-drenched, Mediterranean paradise! You can always check your social media accounts when you get back to the resort, especially if you’re staying in one of our premium rooms, for instance, which comes with free high speed Wi-Fi!

Enjoy Club MAC

At Club MAC Alcudia we have a wide range of activities and facilities for you to enjoy. While you’re staying at our resort, you can check out our amazing bars and restaurants, take a dip in one of our swimming pools or even take your kids to the children’s play area! Make sure you unwind while you’re in Majorca so you can make the most of your Club MAC Alcudia experience!

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