Take a Guided Tour of the S’Albufera Nature Park

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S’Albufera Nature Park @ Club MAC

If you are jetting out to Majorca for a fantastic summer holiday, you may want to take some time to discover the region’s fascinating natural heritage. If you are at Club MAC Alcudia, you can do this by taking advantage of the upcoming guided tour of the S’Albufera Nature Park.

Natural wonderland

The largest of the Balearic Islands, Majorca lies just off the coast of mainland Spain and possesses a typical Mediterranean climate. Average temperatures in Alcudia, the port town where Club MAC Alcudia is based, reach as high as 27°C in the summer months. With such a rich climate, Majorca has a whole treasure of natural gems to explore when you visit our resort.

Majorca is most known for its world class beaches, where you’ll find golden sands, blissful azure waters and plenty of fun! But the Island also plays host to a whole host of other great natural attractions such as the mountainous Puig de San Martí region. If you want to give your family a fantastic day out, you might want to check out the S’Albufera Nature Park.

S’Albufera Nature Park

Based in the North-West of Majorca, the S’Albufera Nature Park is the biggest wetland area throughout the Balearic Islands. One of Majorca’s biggest tourist attraction, the S’Albufera Nature Park is home to a variety of vegetation and animal life of great interest, such as whiskered terns, night herons and the incredibly rare European turtle.

If you like the sound of this popular attraction, don’t worry it’s easy to travel to the S’Albufera Nature Park. If you rent a car all you’ll need to do is drive for 15 minutes from Club MAC across the Island before you reach this wetland region. You can park your vehicle outside the attraction near the residential areas or hotels nearby. If you walk or cycle, you can reach S’Albufera easily by travelling along Pont dels Anglesos Bridge, which is based on Carretera Alcúdia-Artà road.

Take the tour

You can take a guided tour of the S’Albufera Nature Park on 21st May 2016 for free. Lasting two hours, the tour starts at 9.30am and the meeting point is the Nature Park’s entrance on Carretera Alcúdia-Artà road. Contact the Information and registration at the Tourist Offices of Alcudia & Puerto de Alcudia, which is open from 9.30am to 7.30pm, for more information.

While you’re staying in Majorca, take some time to explore the Island’s brilliant natural heritage. Here at Club MAC Alcudia, we want to make this as easy as possible. Take advantage of this guided tour to the S’Albufera Nature Park while you can so you can check out all this popular attraction has to offer!

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