What’s Going On At Club MAC Alcudia?

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At Club MAC Alcudia we’re gearing up for the 2016 season. To show you what you can expect when you book the holiday of a lifetime at our resort this year, here’s what’s going on at Club MAC Alcudia during the first few weeks of 2016…

Entertainment for minis

As a family resort, we’re dedicated to providing your little ‘uns with tonnes of fun activities at Club MAC Alcudia with our ‘minis programme’ (for kids aged four to eight). Throughout the mornings, your kids will be able to take part in a variety of great activities like team games, a special detective day, ball games and a kids Master Chef cooking competition.

Once lunch time rolls around, your children will be able to try out our special ‘Mac Time’ party event. During the afternoons, they will be able to participate in even more fun activities, such as our ever-popular face painting club and our beloved Candy Party, where you kids will get the opportunity to sample a selection of delicious treats. Watch out for our Just Dance event, held from 3pm to 4pm on Tuesdays, where your kids can dance along to some of the most popular chart tunes around!

Activities for maxis

Here at Club MAC Alcudia, we also feature an activity programme for maxis – kids aged nine to 14. As well as our beloved MAC Time lunch party, we also put on a number of events for maxis in the mornings. This includes water polo at the Jupiter Hotel’s pool, a unique ‘challenge day’ which will really get your children thinking, archery classes, ping pong games and so much more.

And the fun is only set to continue throughout the afternoons. After lunch, we put on a number of sporting activities like football matches, rifle shooting, archery and ping pong to give your older kids the change to indulge in a little friendly competition. You might want to make sure you’re at the resort at 4pm on Wednesday, as this is when we hold our highly anticipated reptile show for the maxis and adults!

Events for adults

But don’t worry, we have plenty of activities here at Club MAC Alcudia for you adults as well. During the mornings you can try a number of things such as darts, shooting, ping pong, table tennis and beach football, before meeting up with your children for MAC Time at lunch!

As we head into the afternoons, the fun activities just keep rolling! Turn your hand to a number of pursuits from water polo and water basketball at the Jupiter Hotel’s pool to darts and other heart-beat raising sporting events during the afternoon. Also if you happen to be around the resort at 4pm on Wednesdays, you might want to check our Sangria demonstration, where we show you how to whip up a batch of Spain’s most famous fruit-based wine cocktail!

Make beautiful memories

Here at Club MAC Alcudia, we make our mission to ensure you and your kids are never bored while you’re staying at our sun-drenched Majorcan family holiday resort. By offering mini, maxi and adult activities and entertainment programmes, we ensure that you will leave the port town of Alcudia, where we’re based, with glorious holiday memories which will last a lifetime!

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