Club MAC Alcudia Offers for 2016

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If you’re wanting to jet out to Majorca for an amazing summer getaway this year, why don’t you take advantage of one of our special offers? They’ll allow you to save some serious cash when you stay at Club MAC Alcudia in 2016!

Value for money

Club MAC Alcudia is an outstanding family holiday resort in Alcudia, Majorca. Our resort is a popular destination for families because we provide great value for money. Our all-inclusive service allows you to wine and dine at three amazing on-site restaurants when you stay at Club MAC Alcudia, without paying a single penny extra!

At Club MAC Alcudia, we’re always striving to improve the service we provide our guests. At the moment we’re getting ready for the start of the 2016 season, so we’ve decided to launch a range of special offers which’ll allow you to enjoy an amazing holiday experience at Club MAC Alcudia for unbelievable prices.

Early booking

You can choose from a selection of offers. You may want to go for the ‘Hotel + Hidropark: Early Booking Discount 2016.’ Applicable to standard rooms, with this offer you’ll receive our 7% early booking discount for 2016, along with all-inclusive food and drink, as well as access to the amazing Hidropark waterpark, which just so happens to be across the road from Club MAC Alcudia!

Are you wanting to book premium rooms or family suites instead? If so, the ‘Hotel + Hidropark + Extras: Early Booking Discount 2016’ could be the thing for you. With this offer you’ll receive the 7% early booking discount for 2016 on premium rooms and family suites. We also include all-inclusive food and drink, access to the water park Hidropark, high speed Wi-Fi and plenty of room extras!

Early booking discount finishes 31st of January.

Pay by transfer

You can get an additional discount if you book by bank transfer! If you to stay in one of our standard rooms, opt for the ‘Hotel + Hidropark: Early Booking 2016, Pay by Transfer’ offer. You’ll receive the 7% early booking discount, all-inclusive service and access to the Hidropark, but you’ll also earn a 5% discount for advanced booking by bank transfer as well!

If you pay now and book via bank transfer, you’ll also be able to take advantage of the favourable exchange rate between the pound and the euro to reap extra savings! You could push the boat out and go for our ‘Hotel + Hidropark + Extras: Early Booking 2016, Pay by Transfer’ offer. This’ll provide you with the 5% early booking 7% advanced booking by bank transfer discount on our premium rooms and family suites! Also included are all inclusive service, access to the Hidropark, high speed Wi-Fi and a range of amazing room extras!

Make great savings

So if you use one of our discounts, you’ll be able to book the room type of your choice of Club MAC Alcudia in 2016 and make great savings. Check out our RSS Feed to receive news of upcoming special offers before anyone else. Take advantage of one of these offers and you’ll be able to use the money you save to fund the Majorcan getaway of a lifetime when you stay at Club MAC Alcudia this year!

If you stayed us with in October last year, you have until the end of January to use your promocode – don’t forget!

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