Master Chef Junior at Club MAC Alcudia

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This season we’ve introduced a new activity at Club MAC Alcudia, Master Chef Junior, to ensure you and your family have an amazing time at our resort.

Activities at Club MAC

When you arrive at Club MAC Alcudia in the port town of Alcudia, Majorca, you’ll learn that we’re more than just an outstanding holiday resort. We’re an experience, and we strive to give you the best holiday experience possible when you stay with us.

As such we provide a wide range of activities including MINI Disco, face painting, detective day, reptile shows and more, to keep your kids occupied when they’re with us. This year we introduced a new activity into our entertainment programme, Master Chef Junior, which has proved incredibly popular with younger guests across the resort.

Master Chef Junior

Claudio, a member of our entertainment team and the leader of the KIDS Club, had the wonderful idea of introducing Master Chef Junior into our children’s Programme. It is a great fun cooking activity for children between four and 13 years old. It takes place every Friday from 10:30 AM to 12:00 PM on the Saturno Terrace.

When your kids arrive, we give them everything they need to cook up a storm. Once they’ve finished we ask a panel of parents to serve as the jury and choose the winner. The prize for winner consists of a number of fabulous things. This includes a reserved special table for him/her and the family for dinner, a big cake and a bottle of cava and a special hat, apron and a golden spoon. We also publish a photo of the winner in Club MAC’s daily Newsletter the next day, which will also be uploaded on Facebook.

Activity itinerary

Don’t worry, your kids are in good hands with Claudio. His background in high cuisine studies makes Claudio the perfect man to lead Master Chef Junior. Claudio’s enthusiasm, experience and infectious appetite for fun have made it one of the most popular activities at the resort so you better book your place fast; they’re limited and they always go really quickly!

At the start Claudio makes sure every child has a chef hat, an apron, a big mixing bowl, some smaller bowls for ingredients and a spatula. With the help of his team, including Marta, Naomi and Martina, Claudio talks them through what they need to do, accompanied by Master Chef’s theme song. They mix the ingredients, leave the mixture to set and then decorate their confections with coloured sugar and nuts, to create some of the most delicious pop cakes known to man.

Fun for your kids

Master Chef Junior has been a huge hit with guests at Club MAC Alcudia this summer. This is because with the help of his team, Claudio has developed a fun-filled activity which is designed to ensure your kids have a fabulous time in sun-drenched Majorca!

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