What to do When You Lose Your Passport

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Club MAC Passport

If you lose your passport on holiday, it doesn’t have to ruin your getaway of a lifetime at Club MAC Alcudia. With this in mind, we’ve decided to explain what you should do if you lose your passport.

Trace your steps

The first you should do is stay calm and get thinking.  You should start by tracing your steps and having a good look around. Have you left your passport in your luggage? Did you leave it at the airport? A lot of the time you may have simply mis-placed your passport, so if you think back to where you remember having it last, chances are you’ll find it in no time!

Get help

For one reason or another, you may also need to get the appropriate help when you lose your passport. If you think you mis-placed it in your hotel, whilst exploring Alcudia or during your flight to Majorca, get in touch with appropriate personnel, to see if they can find your lost passport for you.

If you can’t find your passport, go to the police. They’ll be able to file a police report, which you may need to secure a replacement passport. If you lose your travel document in Majorca, you should contact the national Spanish police at Calle Ruiz de Alda in Palma, whose responsibility it is to deal with these matters.

Contact the embassy

Then you need to secure a replacement passport, so you can get home once you’ve finished having the time of your life at Club MAC Alcudia. This is relatively simple process; just contact the local UK Embassy, and they’ll guide you through the process of securing a replacement passport. The Majorcan UK Embassy is located in the Island’s capital city, Palma, and opens Monday to Friday from 8.30pm to 1,30pm, whilst its phone lines operate daily from 8am to 4pm.

Keep your passport safe

Ultimately, you should keep your passport in a secure location so you don’t lose it in the first place. You can hire a safety deposit box when you stay in Club Mac Alcudia’s standard rooms. This will ensure that your possessions are safeguarded whilst you go out and explore everything the fabulous tourist town of Alcudia has to offer.

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