How To Stay Safe When Swimming at Sea

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Club MAC image of Alcudia beach

We want to make sure you have an amazing time when you come stay at Club MAC Alcudia, which is why we’ve decided to let you know how to stay safe when swimming at sea.

Perfect beach holiday

The location makes the holiday, and when you fly out to Majorca you won’t find a better location than Club MAC Alcudia. We’re based near the Majorcan tourist hotspot of Alcudia Bay, which has one of the best beaches in the Balearics.

This means that when you come to Club MAC Alcudia you’re destined to have the perfect beach holiday, as long as you remember to stay safe at all times. Here are a few tips you can use to make sure you stay safe whilst you’re gliding like a swan through the idyllic waters of Alcudia Bay.

Mallorca’s number 1

Alcudia’s beach is one of the most popular amongst residents with locals coming from all over Mallorca to visit its shaded pine groves. Spaniards enjoy spending Sunday’s with a picnic and their families. The clean waters and long beach make it very safe for small children.

Before you swim

You need to start thinking about how to stay safe before you dip even one toe into the Mediterranean. Start by researching the beach before you fly. Make sure there’ll be life guards who can help you stay safe when you swim out to sea.

When you swim

You need to keep your wits about you at all times when you’re swimming at sea. Most importantly, we’d suggest that you look out for hazard signs which give you the vital information you need to stay safe in the water. When swimming in Mallorca you will find special areas for swimming and special areas for boats to come ashore.

Using inflatables

We want to take a minute to discuss using inflatables, e.g. water wings, at sea. They can keep you safe whilst you’re doing a few lengths in the Club MAC Alcudia pools, but they’re lightweight. This means that the tide can sweep them away when you’re swimming in the sea if you’re not careful. If your children need inflatables, make sure they stay within your line of sight whilst they’re frolicking in the refreshing waters of Alcudia Bay.

Strong winds

Finally, we need to take a moment to discuss what you should do when you’re swimming at sea and you encounter strong winds. Sometimes strong winds can cause swimmers to end up further ashore and pushed sideways in the sea. Please make sure you keep an eye on your children because they can get dragged out ashore to a point when they can’t see their parents.

Stay safe

Safety should always come first. If you use these tips, you’ll make sure that you have fun and stay safe when you dip into the waters of Alcudia Bay, so you’ll able to able to walk away from your stay at Club MAC Alcudia with memories you’ll cherish forever!

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