How to Stay Cool in the Heat

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With temperatures soaring across Europe right now, Club MAC Alcudia provides some expert advice on how to stay cool in the heat when you visit Majorca.

Heat in Majorca

Majorca gets really hot in the summer months; average temperatures range from 21 degrees Celsius in June, to 25 degrees Celsius in August. They can climb much higher when the island is stuck with a heatwave and this can cause conditions such as heat exhaustion and heatstroke that could put your health at risk.

Six tips to stay cool

This means that you need to strive to keep cool at all times when you visit Majorca. Here are six tips that’ll help you do exactly that:

1)      Stay hydrated: The more hydrated you are, the less likely you are to fall victim to conditions such as heatstroke. Make sure you drink plenty of liquids, especially water, and eat high water-content cold foods such as salad and fruit during your stay at Club MAC. We’d suggest you take a bottle of water with you wherever you go.

2)      Take a siesta: Take advantage of the fact that you are on holiday and have a siesta during the hotter hours of the day. 1pm-3pm is often the hottest part of the day so we advise that you take care and protect yourself from the sun. Take your queue from the Spanish people, and stay inside during the middle of the day when you come to Majorca.

3)      Wear a hat: There’s a reason people who live in hot environments are known for wearing wide-brimmed hats; they provide really effective shade from the sun. Learn from their wisdom and wear a hat whenever you go outside whilst you’re staying on the Balearic island. We’d also suggest you wear white clothing as much as possible; white reflects sunlight.

4)      Stay in the shade: If you’re directly in the sun, there’s more chance that you’ll fall victim to conditions such as heat exhaustion. If you stay in the shade as much as possible when you stay at Club MAC, you won’t be exposed to as much direct sunlight.

5)      Apply sun cream: There’s one product that was specifically designed to protect your skin from the sun; sun cream. If you make sure you apply sun cream regularly when you come to Majorca, you’ll reduce the risk of developing heatstroke and heat exhaustion.

6)      Go steady on the alcohol! You are on holiday, so of course you are allowed to drink and relax, but remember alcohol can make you extremely dehydrated. Please drink responsible when you visit Club MAC Alcudia.

Holiday to remember

Don’t let an overbearing sun ruin your summer getaway. Use these tips to stay cool in heat when you come to Club MAC Alcudia, so that you can ensure that you and your family will have a holiday you’ll always remember!

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