When Is It Safe To Fly With Your New Born Baby?

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If you’ve just given birth you may be wondering, “when is it safe to fly out to Majorca for the holiday of a lifetime at Club MAC Alcudia with my new born baby?” The answer might surprise you.

Perfect family holiday

If you’re thinking of taking the family away for a few weeks of fun in the sun, look no further than Club MAC Alcudia. We’re a family resort in the port town of Alcudia in sun-drenched Majorca. Yet if you’ve just given birth, you may be thinking that you’ll have to skip Majorca this year. Is this the case?

When your baby can fly

The majority of airlines are happy to let a new born baby fly when they’re two days old, however some airlines will insist that you wait until your child is two weeks old. If your child was born prematurely you may have to wait longer, as some airlines use your child’s due date as an indicator for when it’s safe for them to fly. Check with your chosen airline before you fly.

It’s slightly different if you gave birth via C-section. Medical experts advise that you wait until you’ve had your six week postnatal check-up before you fly. Even then, you should wait until your GP has given you and your child a clean bill of health before you whisk them away to the sun-kissed shores of Majorca.

In most cases we would suggest that you wait a few weeks before you fly with a new born baby. This is because children are particularly susceptible to germs in the first month of their lives, so they need time to build up their immune systems before they travel for the first time.

Will your child need a passport?

Your child will also need a passport before they’re allowed to leave the country. The good news is that once your child has a passport it’s valid for five years, no matter how much they change and grow. However we should warn you that getting a passport can be a long process, so you should apply at least two months before you plan to jet out to Majorca. You can find the application form at Gov.uk.

Your kid’s first holiday

This means that there’s a good chance that you’ll be able to take your child for their first holiday a few weeks after they’re born. What better place to take them than Club MAC Alcudia in sunny Majorca; the family resort destined to provide you with getaway memories you’ll never forget!

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