How to Keep Your Children Safe at the Waterparks and Pools of Alcudia

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How to Keep Your Children Safe at the Waterparks and Pools of Alcudia

When you visit Club MAC Alcudia you may be looking for an exciting day at the fantastic Hidropark waterpark, or prefer a relaxing day sunning yourself by the poolside. Whatever your preference, you need to make sure you stay safe when you visit.

Visit the Hidropark

A three-hotel complex, Club MAC Alcudia is a fantastic family holiday resort located in the historic town of Alcudia, on the Balearic island of Majorca.

Guests are in for the getaway of their lives when they visit Club MAC. Not only do we have a range of amazing activities on-site, including several swimming pools, we have an epic waterpark waiting for you to experience on our doorstep; the Hidropark. Packed with relaxing pools, thrilling slides and a variety of rides the Hidropark is a fun-filled waterpark sure to give you and your family a day you’ll never forget.

Five tips to keep your children safe at a waterpark and the Club Mac Hotel pools

Yet, you need to look after your kids at all times when you take them to the waterpark or allow them to explore our swimming pools. That’s why you should make sure you heed the following five tips when you visit these locations.

1)      Keep your kids within your line of sight: Kids have a habit of running off, especially when they’re presented with a waterpark chock full of thrill-inducing slides but you can’t let them. Left to their own devices you can be sure a child will find some way to get themselves into trouble. Keep your kids within your line of sight at all times.

2)      Restrict your kids to shallow waters: You may be able to drown in an inch of water but it’s extremely unlikely your kids are actually going to. They might however drown at the deep end of the pool, where it’s harder for them to stand. Restrict your kids to shallow waters in order to keep them from harm’s way. There are guards on all pools, but you still need to be vigilant.

3)      Make sure your kids never swim alone: What can your child do if they find themselves in a dangerous situation and they have no-one to help them out of it? Teach your child to stick with a buddy when they go to a waterpark or are swimming in our pools, perhaps a sibling, if you want to ensure they stay safe.

4)      Don’t rely on water wings: Water wings provide a false sense of security. Don’t rely on them to keep your child safe. They’re toys that can become unplugged or punctured; they’re not personal floatation devices.

5)      Ensure your kids follow age and height restrictions: Kids like adventure. They won’t take note of age and height restrictions at a waterpark, so you need to make sure they do. Even though the Hidropark deploys lifeguards at ever slide, it is important acknowledge the restrictions. Those restrictions are there for a reason; to keep your children safe.

Craft lasting family memories at Club Mac

No trip to Alcudia is complete without a thrilling trip at the Hidropark or a laid back day by one of our pools. Craft lasting family memories when you visit this water-paradise by making sure you keep your kids safe every minute they spend paddling through our pools and hurtling down the Hidropark’s epic slides!

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