Five Rules of Etiquette You Should Follow When You Fly to Majorca

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Every country is different. Each nation has its own rules on how you should act. Majorca is no exception, which is why this week Club MAC Alcudia reveals five rules of etiquette you should follow when you fly to Majorca.

Experience the Spanish way of life

A spectacular resort for family holidays, Club MAC Alcudia is a three-star holiday complex based in the ancient port town of Alcudia, on the sun-blessed Balearic Island of Majorca, Spain.

Spain is a country that is characterised by its fascinating history and unique culture. The history and tradition that have guided the formation of modern Spain have also shaped the rules people live by in every corner of the Iberian nation, including Majorca. You may want to observe these rules when you fly out to Majorca if you want to fit in and see what it’s like to experience the Spanish way of life.

Five rules of etiquette to follow in Spain

Therefore, there are several rules of etiquette you should follow when you fly out to Majorca to ensure you get on with the locals and have the holiday of your life. These rules include…

1)      Dress appropriately: Although warm and friendly, the Spanish can sometimes be a conservative people, especially when it comes to dress. For example, it’s frowned upon to walk around the country’s towns and cities bare chested or with just a bikini on.

2)      Greet people properly: The Spanish can be quite particular when it comes to greetings. Men always shake hands with another man upon greeting them, whereas women and men will kiss one another on the cheek; this also applies to women and women. However, if you are meeting someone for the first time, it’s generally a case of seeing whatever the other person is willing to do!

3)      Feel free tip: The Spanish value achievement, education, financial and social status. Tipping of any amount is welcome in restaurants and bars. Tip as much as you like; we are sure that someone would be far happier if you left them 50 euros rather than just 5!


4)      Wait patiently: Time is a somewhat fluid concept in Spain. You may be left waiting for a good ten or twenty minutes at a restaurant, bar etc. Don’t get offended, this is seen as bad form. Wait patiently and enjoy your time in this sun-drenched paradise.

5)      Refrain from binge drinking: Spain differs from the UK in one major way. Binge drinking is far less common and accepted in Spain’s plethora of bars than it is here at home. Bars are for socialising, which is why you should refrain from binge drinking when you travel to Majorca.

Observe etiquette as a mark of respect

You don’t have to follow these rules, however it’s a good idea to observe these standards of etiquette as a mark of respect for the culture you have travelled to explore in Majorca. Respecting local culture will allow you to fit in with local people and experience everything this unique holiday destination has to offer.

At Club MAC and in Spain parenting is taken very seriously and leaving children unattended is not acceptable. We request that you ensure your child has a parent or guardian with them at all times.

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