Behind the Scenes at Club MAC Alcudia: What We Do

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This week, we go behind the scenes of Club MAC Alcudia to show you what our dedicated team do every season to make sure you leave with memories you’ll treasure for a lifetime.

Putting the Work In

Located in the port-town of Alcudia in the northern reaches of tourist-hotspot Majorca, Club MAC Alcudia is an outstanding family holiday resort.

Yet you don’t earn a reputation as an outstanding family holiday resort without putting the work in. Aside from our guest satisfaction department, an information hub for guests at Club MAC, our team carry out a series of measures every season throughout the resort…

What We Do

When we’re carry out these measures, no part of the Club MAC experience is left out…

  • Swimming Pools: 14 members of the Club MAC employee roster are trained in all procedures, water treatment, cleaning etc. of swimming pools by Preverisk. That allows us to carry out 18 pool readings every day, as well as 24 microbiology analysis every season. Furthermore, if there’s an accident we close pools for 24 hours, so we can bring them back to healthy levels for bathing. Every season, we spend €69,000 on average keeping our pools in mint condition.
  • Kitchens: Every winter, Club MAC trains 60 restaurant staff, 30 bar staff, 60 kitchen staff and 13 management staff in the latest health and safety procedures. Furthermore, every day we carry out 159 temperature checks. Meanwhile, we regularly conduct food analysis and external audits to present you with a first rate dining experience. Every season, we spend €17,000 on securing the latest technology for our kitchens, as well as €3,000 on disinfectants to ensure they remain spotless.
  • Rooms: Every year Club MAC trains 60 members of our housekeeping staff in the latest health and safety procedures. Meanwhile, we check public toilets 194 times per day, conduct health and safety meetings weekly, and carry out 7-9 lab tests every season to make sure our rooms are fit for you at all times. Per season, Club MAC spends €10,000 keeping our rooms pristine.
  • Extras: We don’t stop there – every season we take extra measures to give you the perfect getaway experience. If more than 0.5% of guests at the complex are known to suffer from a virus, we deeply disinfect everything from hand rails to chairs to drinks taps to buffet tongs every half an hour. Every season, Club MAC uses 27,000 pairs of vinyl gloves, 5,345 litres of bleach, 825 litres of sanitising hand gel and 160 litres of sanitising gel for surfaces.

Working Around the Clock

In other words, at Club MAC Alcudia we work around the clock to make sure that every facet of the complex stays in pristine condition. When you arrive at one of our family hotel, you can be sure you’ll be in for the holiday of a lifetime.

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