Four Things to See When You Stay at Club MAC Alcudia

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Have the time of your life when you fly out for a week of fun in the sun in Majorca, and make sure you check out the following four attractions when you stay at Club MAC Alcudia.

Alcudia Market

What do you normally do on a Sunday? Most people like to take a jaunt down to the local market, and just because you’re away from Blighty, that doesn’t mean you have to abandon your weekly tradition.

Held every day Sunday on the charming cobbled-walkways of quaint old town Alcudia, the Alcudia market is everything you would expect a traditional Spanish Sunday market to be. Everywhere you turn you’ll find a stall peddling traditional Spanish clothes and trinkets, along with mouth-watering vegetables and a whole host of other treats for you to peruse.

Palma Cathedral

Spain has a rich Catholic tradition that goes back over a thousand of years, and as such, the Iberian nation is the home of some of the most stunning Cathedrals in all of Europe.

That’s why if you find yourself in Palma at any point during your stay, you have to carve out a little time in your hectic schedule to visit it’s iconic cathedral. An imposingly grand edifice, when you visit Palma Cathedral, you’ll find yourself left in awe as it takes you to the heart of Iberian culture and tradition.

Caves of Drach (pictured above)

Ask any experienced traveller of the Balearic Islands and they’ll soon tell you, they rank highly on the list of the most naturally beautiful islands on the planet.

If you want the chance to witness the depth and scale of this beauty up close, you need to include a stop at the Caves of Drach in the picturesque fishing town of Porto Cristo. You’ll be left spellbound as you feast your eyes of the Caves’ famous Stalactites, which hang elegantly over expanses of shockingly azure waters.

Rural Majorca

Cap off your week on the Friday with a rustic Majorcan day out, which affords you the opportunity to take in the island’s charming villages and small markets at your leisure.

After perusing the markets and gaining the opportunity to pick out your own lunch, you’ll be whisked away to an authentic Majorcan farmhouse. Once you touch base, you’ll be taught how to make a few traditional Majorcan dishes, before being treated to a relaxing BBQ with unlimited wine! With a trip to a classic Majorcan wine cellar also on the itinerary, it’s the perfect way to while away the end of the week!

A World of Amazing Experiences

That’s only the start. When you stay in Majorca, a whole world of amazing experiences opens up to you. Do a little research with the help of Club Mac Alcudia’s customer satisfaction department, and the island will give you everything you need for the holiday of your dreams.

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