Five Tips to Help You Save Space When You Pack Your Suitcase

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Suitcase Packing

If you want to make sure you have enough room to bring back a souvenir after the holiday of a lifetime you’re in luck, as this week Club MAC Alcudia reveals five tips to help you save space when you pack your suitcase.

Save Space for That Bottle of Sangria You Had to Have

At Club MAC Alcudia – an outstanding family resort in the Majorcan port town of Port d’Alcudia – we see this problem all the time. People over-pack their suitcases whilst preparing to jet off for a week of fun in the sun and live to regret it.

When you’re getting ready to fly off for a week in the Mediterranean, you need to think to yourself. Do I want to bring any souvenirs back? If so, you need to make sure you save space when you pack, that way you’ll have a little room left for that bottle of Sangria you just had to have when it’s time to head back to Blighty.

Try These Five Tips to Save Space When You Pack

Packing is an art form; it’s all about technique. If you want to become a master, Club MAC Alcudia suggests you try the following five tips to help you save space when you pack your suitcase…

  • Roll, Don’t Fold: Most people are tempted to fold when they pack, but they’re doing it wrong. If you want to use the space you have as effectively as possible, we’d suggest you roll your clothes instead.
  • Use Space Creatively: If you’re packing a pair of shoes, get efficient and put some socks inside them. The space you saved could be used for that sombrero you couldn’t live without!
  • Wear Your Clothes: If you’ve got a sunhat that’ll take up too much room, wear it instead. By wearing the bulkier items rather than packing them, you give yourself extra space you need to ensure you can bring back whatever you want from your trip abroad.
  • Press Down: You’d be surprised how many funny little spaces are left in your case when you pack. If you press down, you can push your clothes into these spaces and free up some extra room. Now you have all the space you need to pack a few souvenirs.
  • Make a List: If you know what you have to bring, as well as what you don’t actually need to take with you, you’ll be less likely to pack your entire wardrobe. That way you save enough space for those gorgeous foreign chocolates you couldn’t resist!

Pack for the Holiday of a Lifetime

At the end of the day, this is your holiday. You’re the one who’s responsible for making sure that if you want to bring back a little reminder, you have the space to do so. That’s why you always need to make sure you save space when you pack for the holiday of a lifetime!

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