Five Tips for Enjoying a Stress Free Holiday

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Parents listen up, as this week on the Club MAC Alcudia blog we reveal five tips you can use to make sure you have a stress free family holiday.

Holidays can be Stress Inducing for Parents

Located in Port d’Alcudia, a perennially sunny Spanish town in the Northern reaches of Majorca, Club MAC Alcudia is an outstanding family resort. We know that when you jet off for a week of fun in the sun, you want to walk away with memories that will last a lifetime.

For parents however, this is easier said than done. You are the ones who are in charge of the itinerary; of making sure everything runs with clockwork precision. Stress inducing to say the least, this can make a family holiday nowhere near as fun as it ought to be. But it doesn’t have to be this way!

Use These Five Tips to Ensure a Stress Free Family Holiday

It’s fairly easy to make sure you have stress free family break, as long as you take heed of the following five tips for enjoying a stress free holiday from Club MAC Alcudia…

  • Do Your Research: The most important tip by far is to do your research, so that know where you’re going and don’t have to worry about any sudden surprises. Research your location, any restaurants and activities you may find there, as well as the hotel where you are staying.
  • Learn Something New: Kids are rather active, and you need to keep them engaged to ensure a stress free holiday. One really effective way to do so is to plan out some educational experiences, such as a trip to Alcudia’s Old Town. This will keep them mentally occupied, so your trip can run like clockwork.
  • Locate a Good Crèche: A vital step is to locate good crèche. That way, your kids have something else to occupy their time, meaning that they don’t get on top of you and get frustrated enough to cause a family argument; ensuring a stress free environment.
  • Take Some Time Out: Following on from the last point, it’s important that as adults, you take plenty of time for yourselves too, so that you don’t spark a family argument either. Find a restaurant and relax on a veranda with a nice glass of chilled dry white. How can you be stressed after that?
  • Bond as a Family: When you’re all together, find other ways to bond as a family so you enjoy the time you spend together. Take photos, play fun family road trip games such as 20 questions, and soon you’ll have enough laugh-filled, carefree memories to fill every page in the scrapbook.

A Holiday is a Time for Everyone to Relax and Recharge

When you are setting off for more exotic climes, remember that a holiday is a time for everyone to relax and recharge. That is why it is important that you use these tips, so that everyone can be sure of a stress free holiday, destined to provide a stream of happy family memories to last a lifetime!

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