How to Treat Sunburn on Holiday

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Club MAC Alcudia wants to make sure a searing sun won’t ruin your beach holiday this week, by letting you know how to treat sunburn on holiday.

Don’t Let Sunburn Ruin Your Family Holiday

The sun’s nearly always shining down on Club MAC Alcudia. As a resort based in the Majorcan town of Alcudia, which sits in the northern reaches of the Balearic Island, families come to us when they want a week away from Blighty for some fun in the sun.

Yet one of the biggest threats to the once-in-a-lifetime family holiday is sunburn. You can put all the sun cream on your kids you like, but you can bet they’ll still spend too long in the sun, meaning if you want your trip to be a success, you better know how to treat sunburn!

Five Suggestions to Treat Sunburn

It’s actually really easy to treat, as long as you try one of the following five suggestions on how to treat sunburn from Club MAC Alcudia…

  • Get them into the Shade Immediately: One way to stop sunburn in its tracks is simply to get proactive. The minute you spot your kid out in the sun, bring them under the beach umbrella, where you can re-apply sun cream and stop sunburn in its tracks.
  • Give Them a Glass of Water: Before you do anything else, when your child has sunburn, give them a glass of water. This will rehydrate their skin, lessening the impact sunburn has on it.
  • Draw them a Cool Bath: An extension of the last point, if a glass of water isn’t enough to hydrate their skin, pour your kid a cold bath when they’ve got sunburn.
  • Moisturise Their Skin: Once they’re out of the bath, especially if it doesn’t work, apply moisturisers to their skin. Moisturisers have aloe vera in them, which is known to relieve the effects of sun burn. We’d suggest you buy an after sun moisturiser, as they’re specifically designed to treat the effects of sun burn.
  • Supply Them with Pain Relief: If you’ve tried all this and it still isn’t working, you may need to give your child some painkillers. However, when doing so, we’d always advise that you stick strictly to the guidance provided on the packet on how many and how often to give painkillers to your children.

Get Back to Having Fun in the Sun

In 99.9999% of cases, one of or a combination of these suggestions will have your child’s sunburn under control in no time. Then you and your family can get back to making the most out of your week in the glorious sun!

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