Five Ways to Get Your Kids through a Flight and a Transfer

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In order to help you get your break in the sun off to a good start, this week Club MAC Alcudia shares five top tips to make flying with your kids a more enjoyable experience.

Make Sure Your Kids Enjoy This Once in a Lifetime Experience!

Located in Port d’Alcudia in the northern part of sunny Spanish Balearic Island Majorca, Club MAC Alcudia is an outstanding family resort on the island, with three hotels, two natural lakes, eight swimming pools and even a kid’s clubs to keep your young ones entertained throughout your stay.

We know that hard-working parents who are looking to give their family the sun-drenched break of a lifetime, may struggle with children on flights. If you don’t find a way to make the plane journey enjoyable, this once in a lifetime experience may start off on the wrong note.

Get Your Kids through the Flight with These Five Tip

Keep Them Occupied: Occupy their attention with an activity i.e. a colouring book, a novel, an iPad etc… and you’ll find you don’t hear a peep from them the entire way.

Get Ready for Take-Off: Take-off and landing can be one of the most stressful times of a flight, and you need to make sure your kids are fully prepared to handle it. We’d suggest bringing a bag of hard boiled sweets they can suck on during take-off so that their ears don’t pop, and everyone has a comfortable trip through the skies.

Bring Favourite Snacks: Every parent should be familiar with the reward strategy. Get a kid to work for a reward, and they’ll soon be good as gold. Do the same thing when flying, and bring their favourite treats so you can encourage good behaviour on the plane.

Family Naptime: One way to get your kids through a flight is obviously to make sure they sleep through part of it. However kids don’t generally go down easy, which is why you should make napping a family activity, to make sure they get the rest they need to fully enjoy their destination once you touch down on an exotic foreign runway.

Play a Family Game: Why not keep the kids occupied, and bring everybody closer together as a family, ready for a week abroad, at the same time. Go back to basics and play a family game like ‘I Spy’ or ‘20 questions’, and your kids will soon be distracted!

Remember that this is the hard part, and with these tips it really is possible to get your kids through the flight comfortably. Then the fun bit comes, as you step off the plane and into the holiday experience your kids will remember for a lifetime!

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