Explore the magnificent history of the Alcudia city walls

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While you’ll never run out of enjoyable things to do on a family holiday at Club MAC, we highly recommend taking some time to explore the historic town of Alcudia during your stay.  Nestled in the heart of Majorca, Alcudia is a treasure trove of historical and cultural heritage, and its city walls stand as a testament to its rich and storied past. Embark on a journey of the Alcudia city walls, tracing their history from the medieval era to their present-day allure.

A Medieval Design Masterpiece  

While the town of Alcudia has ancient Roman origins, the history of the Alcudia city walls dates back to the medieval era when King Jaume II of Aragon ordered their construction in 1298. Designed as a fortification for an important population centre, the walls were meant to have both strategic and defensive significance during a tumultuous era. King Jaume II envisioned a grand ensemble of defensive architecture, incorporating towers, gates, and bastions, which reflected both military strength and artistic finesse.

Construction of the 6-metre-high limestone fortifications took a long time and was completed in 1362 during the reign of Peter III. The walls stretched for nearly 1.5 km, dotted with 26 towers, enveloping the entire city.

The Walls as a Sanctuary

 As the medieval era passed, the walls served as more than just a defensive structure; they shaped the landscape, trade, and culture of the town. During the next century, the walls would frequently serve as a sanctuary. People sought refuge within the city walls during the German Peasant Revolt and the Lutheran Revolt, both of which occurred during the 1500s. The Majorcan nobility also sought sanctuary here.

The Holy Roman Emperor Charles V suppressed the rebellion for some time and went on to declare Alcudia the ‘Faithful City’ in 1523. After his abdication, his son Philip II built a second belt of walls around Alcudia. This Renaissance-style star-shaped fortifications with low bastions were later demolished in order to expand the town.

Preservation and Present-day Significance

In 1974, the Alcudia City Walls and the remains of the Roman city of Pollentia (the precursor to the Alcudian settlement) were declared an Artistic Historical Site. Alcudia is today one of the best-preserved walled towns of Majorca. The polygonal city walls remain remarkably intact, offering visitors a glimpse into the checkered past. Although a few of the walls collapsed in the 19th century, the remaining structures have since been declared cultural heritage and are diligently preserved.

As you stroll along the majestic ramparts, the stunning views of the surrounding landscapes, including the Tramuntana Mountains and the shimmering Mediterranean Sea, leave a memorable impression.

Exploring the Alcudia City Walls

While visiting the Alcudia city walls, immerse yourself in the historical ambience and discover the stories held within. Walk along the fortified walls, allowing your imagination to transport you to a time of medieval splendour. Enjoy the charming narrow streets that wind their way through the town, leading you to picturesque squares, quaint cafes, and boutique shops. Take a guided tour to explore in detail the architectural features and historical events associated with the walls. Capture photographs from the vantage points along the ramparts, preserving your memories of this unique experience.

It is possible to walk around the walls in an hour if you take the Cami de Ronda route or trace the gardened walk outside. You can also walk along the parapet, from where you can admire panoramic views of the La Victoria Peninsula and the Bay de Pollença.

The Alcudia city walls narrate a tale of medieval strength, architectural brilliance, and cultural import, inviting you to immerse yourself in the captivating history of Majorca. A visit to Club MAC in Alcudia will give you the opportunity to explore these ancient fortifications up close. Whether you wander through the narrow streets within the walls, join a guided tour, or capture memories from the ramparts, the Alcudia city walls offer an array of experiences for history buffs, culture enthusiasts, and curious travellers alike.

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