These are the best Spanish dishes to try at the Club MAC restaurants

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Get into the heart of Spanish cuisine when you holiday at Club MAC Alcudia this summer. With a choice of three restaurants and buffet-style themed dinners, our all-inclusive family holiday packages ensure that our guests are spoilt for choice at all meals. Take your pick of tapas, montaditos, mains and desserts from our extensive menu. It also includes vegetarian options, and a kid’s corner (think chicken popcorn and lasagne Bolognese) to keep your little ones happy and well-fed.

While classic Spanish cuisine overflows with hearty flavours and a variety of dishes, there are some that we recommend you try on your holiday in the beautiful Majorca islands. You can find these and many more delicious options on the Club MAC menu.

Do you know the difference between a tapa and a montadito? Outside Spain, ‘tapas’ is often used as a generic term for Spanish starters and small plates, including montaditos, pinxtos, and racíones. If you think tapas are small snacks served alongside drinks, you are quite right! At Club MAC, you will have choices such as chorizo in cider, battered squid, and patatas bravas when ordering tapas.

There is an additional dozen different kinds of montaditos on the menu, which are snacks served on a slice of bread. Think open sandwiches served either hot or cold. While you have your regular options like ham (Serrano!) and tomato, salmon and cheese, and hummus with veggie sticks, you also have the more exotic chistorra (traditional cured sausage), chorizo criollo, and surimi and egg.

We also have plenty of interesting vegetarian Spanish dishes on the menu, such as the tumbet, a traditional Majorcan dish of roasted vegetables like potatoes, aubergines, and bell peppers arranged in layers…which is relatively unknown in mainland Spain. A more filling option is the pisto, the Spanish version of ratatouille, a hearty and healthy vegetable stew made with peppers, onions, tomatoes, and courgettes.


No menu in Spain is complete without the Spanish omelette, considered a national dish by many in the country. While everyone thinks their way of making it is the best – with or without onions, served as a snack or a main dish – the tortilla española made with eggs and potatoes is a must-try from the Club MAC menu.


The same goes for paella, an iconic rice dish originally from Valencia. Contrary to popular perception and modern popularity, the traditional paella is not a seafood dish, but a field dish made with chicken, rabbit, snails and other ingredients like white and green beans, tomatoes, olive oil, and saffron (and rice, of course). In fact, traditionalists insist that the dish cannot be called a paella unless made with the proper ingredients.


Spanish cuisine, and the Club MAC menu, are equally diverse when it comes to desserts. Aside from an assortment of cheeses, cakes, and puddings, we recommend you try the tocinillo de cielo, a traditional tart that looks like flan or a crème caramel, but is made with only egg yolks, sugar, and water. Its origin is said to be in the 1300s in the city of Jerez, where egg whites were used to clarify wine. The leftover yolks were used by the local nuns in the convents to prepare tocinillo de cielo.


April is also a great time to stuff yourself with torrijas, Spanish-style French toast with honey and cinnamon, traditionally had during the period of Lent and Easter.


These are only some of the authentic Spanish dishes served at Club MAC restaurants that you can have your fill of while staying with us this summer. If you’d rather have something more familiar and less exotic, we also offer a variety of roast meats and stews. You can even have your grilled meats prepared in front of you as you and your family enjoy the spread at Club MAC.

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