Wondering what you can buy at the Club MAC shop? Read on

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CLub MAC Shop

We like to make sure our guests have the easiest and most enjoyable holiday at Club MAC Alcudia. And that means ensuring every little extra is available on site. While most of our food and drinks come under the all-inclusive price at Club MAC, we know how easy it is to forget something while you’re packing.

So, if you find yourself at Club MAC without your swimsuit, suntan lotion or towel, head to the shop and have a browse. You can also buy souvenirs, sweets, snacks and crisps and, of course, our much-loved mascots, Macky and Misha.

What can you buy at the Club MAC shop?
If you are a Premium or Family guests, or you have a Gold package, you will be given a 15% off voucher for the shop when you check in. We make sure that the shop is fully stocked with all kinds of useful bits and bobs for your holiday, so you don’t need to leave the complex unless you fancy a walk. Here’s what you can find on the shelves at the on-site shop at Club MAC.

Babies and kids: baby wipes, sponges, no-spill cups, dummies, baby wipes, baby shampoo, baby soap, talc, nappy cream, baby bottles, swimming nappies and regular nappies.

Snacks and drinks: lots of different kinds of crisps, sweets, biscuits, chocolate, candy and cookies, as well as milk, juice, soft drinks, sodas and alcohol.

Souvenirs and gifts: jewellery, all kinds of toys, soft toys, magnets and postcards.

Clothes: sunhats, sun protection tops for swimming and sunbathing, swimming costumes, baseball caps, sunhats, flip flops and t-shirts.

Reading materials: books, UK papers and English magazines.

Beach and sun: various sunscreens, fishing nets, beach balls, loads of different inflatables, armbands, boats, lilos, rubber rings and pumps for inflatables, scuba masks with snorkels and, of course, buckets and spades,

Accessories: costume jewellery, beach bags, sunglasses and swimming goggles.

Lakeside market stalls at Club MAC Alcudia

We also offer another on-site shopping experience in the evenings with a variety of stalls by the lakeside. Local traders sell souvenirs, gifts, snacks and jewellery every evening. You can wander round the stalls and take your time selecting the best gifts to take home, whether they’re arts and crafts, handmade jewellery, scented candles or pictures from talented caricaturists.

And if you do fancy shopping a bit further afield, the Old Town is a great place to visit. During high season we run an evening shuttle bus to the Port and Old Town, where there is a local market every Tuesday and Saturday.

For the biggest and best shopping experience on the island, you can book an excursion into Mallorca’s capital, Palma. We have a number of excursions you can choose from, which include a guide tour of the city and a trip to its shopping malls.

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