How to keep your stuff safe on holiday

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Club MAC packing tips

We welcome thousands of people to Club MAC every season, staying at our three hotels on site. Whether you are staying in Jupiter, Marte or Saturno buildings, the team wants you to have the most enjoyable holiday possible.

And from the moment you arrive at Reception, we aim to give a warm, welcoming and helpful response to any queries you may have. On arrival, the receptionist will direct you to your allocated room and explain where to find everything.

When you’ve unpacked and settled in, all you need to do is enjoy yourself! But we know that losing a piece of jewellery, misplacing a toy or leaving something behind can ruin a holiday. So, here’s some advice on keeping your stuff safe while you’re at Club MAC.

Lost property

While everyone is having fun by the pools and racing around from beach to Port, it’s easy to drop something along the way.

If you have lost something, either in the hotel or in the grounds of the resort, then pop along to Reception. We can see whether it has been handed in and advise on what to do next. Similarly, if you find someone’s cards, wallet, watch, iPad or cuddly toy by the pool, bring it to Reception and we will reunite it with its owner.

What to do with your valuables

We’re coming to the end of the 2018 season, but if you’re staying with us for the last couple of weeks, we’d advise hiring a safe. You will have the key and can ensure any cash, jewellery or other valuables are locked away while you’re out enjoying yourself. And, from the start of our 2019 season, all guests will have access to a safe for free. Just don’t forget to use it!

It’s worth leaving everything valuable in there, including mobile phones, watches and rings – just in case. You can never be too careful when it comes to your belongings.

Check the beds

It’s all too easy to leave something in between the sheets. This could be anything from an item of jewellery that has come off while you’re asleep, to an iPad propped up next to the bed. If you have lost something from your room, check with Guest Services that it hasn’t been swept up when your sheets were changed.

If something does go missing

We do all we can to make sure our guests are as safe as possible.

However, occasionally the worst does happen, and items are stolen. If this happens, then your first port of call is the Guest Satisfaction team. They will help you by checking the CCTV cameras available, which are located in the hall of the Marte (various cameras), outside the Marte pointing towards the main entrance by the shop, in the supermarket, in the luggage rooms plus in all the corridors of the rooms. They can also do a reading of the door lock to see who has gone in and out of your room and also help you fill out a police report, which is necessary for you to claim on your holiday insurance.

We hope that you’re never in this position, and that you reach home with everything safely intact. It’s always a good idea to be extra vigilant when on holiday when it comes to your personal possessions. Whether you’re visiting us before 31 October this year, or have booked for next year, we look forward to meeting you soon.

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