What is the cheapest way to book your holiday at Club MAC?

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When it comes to booking your holiday at Club MAC, you have a few different options. While you can always book through a travel agent for a package that includes travel, transfers and accommodation, it’s worth knowing that this isn’t always the cheapest way.

We know that everyone likes to get the best deal when they book their holiday with us. After all, no-one wants to find out afterwards that they could have booked it cheaper! For the very best deal, there is one sure way to book your break with Club MAC, and that’s direct.

Online or by phone

If you book your holiday with Club MAC Alcudia direct, then we can guarantee you the best price. While there are many other benefits to booking with us, and last week’s blog has plenty of information on exactly how to do it, it’s also the best way to save you money.

Remember that we only need 10% of the total holiday cost as a deposit, and this is enough to immediately secure your booking. The rest is payable when you arrive at the resort, although you are very welcome to settle up before you get here too. It’s all about what’s easiest and most cost effective for you.

Booking separate elements

Sometimes it can be off-putting to consider booking accommodation, flights and transfers separately. While travel agents will do it all for you, it’s often cheaper (and sometimes a lot cheaper) to book all these elements directly.

You can book transfers via our website too. The link will take you to an external company that Club MAC has partnered up with to arrange secure, safe and cost-effective transfers. The simplest way is to choose the dates you want, use our dropdown menus to specify your room requirements (Standard, Premium or Family) and how many of you are travelling.

We will then give you a total cost for your accommodation and deduct 10% as a deposit. This will be taken off your card immediately and will form the deposit for your holiday. We then recommend you search for the cheapest flights online from your nearest airport. Once these are booked you can pop back to our website and book your transfer through our partner. Simple!

Free cancellation

In addition, if you book directly with Club MAC you also have the option to cancel your booking up to midnight the day before your arrival date. As long as you let us know by 23:59 on the day before you have booked to arrive, then you will receive your 10% deposit back and you can look for more convenient dates for your holiday.

At Club MAC we understand that plans can change and while booking ahead is a good idea, sometimes life events will preclude your family being able to enjoy your holiday then. We don’t think this should mean you lose out on hard earned money, so have put in place our cancellation policy for you.

Other ways to save

If you book direct with us and then find a cheaper price somewhere else within 24 hours, you can let us know. After we check it out, we will match that cheaper price. Once you’re here, you can also book excursions and associated travel through Club MAC for the lowest possible prices.

There are also exclusive offers when you book online at Club MAC so don’t forget to check these before securing your dates. These include last minute offers too.

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