How To Embrace Majorcan Culture On Holiday

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Club MAC

When you stay at Club MAC Alcudia, you’ll get a unique chance to experience authentic Majorcan life. You may want to talk to locals, but doing this can be hard when you’re a tourist. In this article, we supply you with some handy tips that you can use to embrace local culture while staying in Majorca.

Fascinating culture

Majorcan culture has developed over thousands of years, providing a unique holiday experience for today’s tourists. As well as enjoying Majorca’s fabulous climate and golden beaches, you might want to check out its stunning attractions, like the 14th Century Roman Catholic Sant Jaume Church in Alcudia, to familiarise yourself with the local culture. You may want to keep the following tips in mind, while travelling around Majorca, to ensure you respect and can experience the Island’s culture.

Learn simple phrases

You should find out how to overcome the language barrier before going to Majorca, so you can communicate with locals and learn more about this fascinating culture. You can learn simple Spanish phrases with phrasebooks, which you can buy on your local high street. You can also download apps like Google Translate to your phone. Available for Android, this app works with over 100 languages, including Spanish and has its own phrasebook.

You can also learn multiple languages, including Spanish, with apps like Duo Lingo. Available for free on Android and iOS, it features spoken and written exercises, to help you learn. With Duo Lingo, you also hit targets as you learn, keeping you motivated, as you become a Spanish speaker. Start using Duo Lingo now, so you can have all winter to learn Spanish, before visiting Club MAC in summer 2017!

Know their money

It helps to know the true value of items when going on holiday, so you can plan your budget wisely and buy authentic souvenirs, to remind you of your time in Majorca. Before you fly out, find out how much items generally cost in Euros, the local currency, so you can make transactions competently. As a baseline, £1 generally equals 1.1€ to 1.3€, but the exchange rate can fluctuate. You can change your currency into Euros at the reception in our Marte building.

Follow the etiquette

Majorca has its own commonly understood rules on how you should act in public. Familiarise yourself with Majorcan etiquette, so that you don’t appear rude to locals, sticking out. When greeting people, for example, shake hands with men, but kiss women on the cheek. If in doubt, ask the person you are talking to about appropriate etiquette. They’ll appreciate that you’re going to a lot of effort to fit in.

Embrace traditions

People like it when others show an interest in their culture. When in Majorca, try embracing Spanish traditions, so you can learn more about how to fit in. If you celebrate Christmas in Alcudia, for instance, you could take part in the chanting of the “Sibil-la” (Song of Sybil). Performed in churches throughout Alcudia, this is a traditional liturgical drama and Gregorian chant, which is just amazing to witness.

Ask Club MAC

So if you do some research before flying out, you will be able to embrace local Majorcan culture, providing you with a unique holiday experience. If you have any questions about local Majorcan life, remember that we’re always happy to help. You can pose your queries to our team via the live chat box on the Club MAC Alcudia’s official website to learn more about this fascinating culture.


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