Visit The Alfabia Mountains’ Hidden Jewel

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Jardines de Alfabia

Majorca is a top holiday destination for nature enthusiasts. There are a number of stunning natural attractions on the Island such as Jardines de Alfabia, considered the jewel of Majorca’s breath-taking Alfabia Mountains. Why should you check out Jardines de Alfabia while staying at Club MAC Alcudia?

Hiking holidays

There are a range of great walking routes across Majorca. If you’re looking for the perfect hiking destination during your getaway, head to Majorca’s iconic Serra de Tramuntana mountain range, which include the Alfabia Mountains.

Based not too far from Club MAC Alcudia, the Alfabia Mountains are situated in North-West Majorca. While walking through the Alfabia Mountains, you’ll encounter fascinating flora and fauna, quaint villages and farms, breath-taking landscapes and popular historical attractions. Jardines de Alfabia is the crowning jewel in the region and not to be missed.

Mix of influences

You can reach Jardines de Alfabia by driving west across the Island for roughly 40 minutes to Bunyola. The site includes a house, ornate gardens and an orchard. It dates back to 15th Century, when the Muslim-ruled Balearic Islands were conquered by Christian Aragon, a fore-runner of modern Spain.

Jardines de Alfabia is features a mix of Muslim and Christian influences. Its name is based on the Arabic phrase “al fabi” which means “jar of olives.’ Historians believe that the complex was designed by the territory’s Muslim governor Benihabet, who converted to Christianity after the invasion. The house was then re-modelled in the 18th Century, becoming a classic example of Baroque architecture.

Jardines de Alfabia

Jardines de Alfabia’s most popular feature is its striking gardens. When you visit, you can walk through a large, three-lane, tree covered, walkway to reach the gardens, arriving on a patio. Here you can view the gardens’ most famous feature – a pergola with impressive water fountains. It also includes 24 stone hydras and numerous water jets which cross one another, creating a fascinating water show.

You can also walk from the main space to a lower garden. This spaces boasts a more tropical flavour, with protected Majorcan palm trees known as garballons. Here you’ll also see bamboo groves, lily ponds and citrus trees, which produce amazing orange juice. Jardines de Alfabia is open year round, with entrance costing 5.50€ in winter and 6.50€ in summer, although children under ten go free.

Fantastic getaway

With stunning architecture, impressive water features and beautiful plants, Jardines de Alfabia is well worth a visit. However, it is just one of the amazing sites you can explore when staying at Club MAC Alcudia. From nearby historical attractions such as Alcudia’s old town to the wild beaches which lie on the other side of the Island, there is plenty to explore, ensuring you have a fantastic family getaway.


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