Visit Majorca’s Royal Carthusian Monastery

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Club MAC Majorca’s Royal Carthusian Monastery

History enthusiasts are destined to love Majorca. While you’re staying at Club MAC Alcudia, a standout family holiday resort in the Majorcan port town of Alcudia, you can check out a range of historical attractions, such as the popular Royal Carthusian Monastery.

Explore the past

As information site Beautiful Majorca explains, the largest Balearic Island has been inhabited since the Bronze Age. It hosted a number of diverse civilisations, from the Romans and the Vandals, to the Byzantines, the Umayyad dynasty and the Kingdom of Aragon, before becoming part of first the Spanish Empire and then modern Spain.

All the civilisations that have called Majorca home have left their mark on the Island, providing with a number of great sites to discover when you holiday in the Balearics. If you want to stay close to Alcudia while you’re holidaying at our resort, you can check out attractions such as the ruins of the Roman town of Pollentia, or the historic old town. If you feel like going further afield, you may want to take the trip out to Palma to visit the Royal Palace of Almudaina, one of the city’s best sites.

Royal Carthusian Monastery

You could also take some time to stop by the Royal Carthusian Monastery. Located in Valldemossa, just an hour’s drive from Alcudia, the Royal Carthusian Monastery was originally founded to serve as a royal residence for iconic Majorcan King Jaume II’s son Sancho. It was donated to the Catholic Carthusian Order of monks in 1399, who used it as a monastery for centuries.

The Royal Carthusian Monastery gradually became famous throughout the continent. Notably, it played host to the iconic Polish compose Frederic Chopin and the celebrated French writer George Sand in the winter of 1838 to 1839. The building was secularised in 1839 and today, it serves as one of Majorca’s most striking cultural museums.

Visit the monastery

If you visit the monastery, you won’t be disappointed. You’ll be able to spend your day wandering down its famous white-arched corridors, which lead to ‘cells’ which feature museums on various themes, such as the building’s most famous inhabitants. It also includes a library, where monks would receive their only human contact by meeting for half an hour every week. You’ll also find a modern art museum, which contains works from famous Spanish artists such as Juli Ramos and Pablo Picasso.

The Royal Carthusian Monastery is open from 9.30am to 7pm in the bust summer season between April and September. Its opening times vary in other months, starting at 9.30pm and ending at 3.30pm (January and December), 5.30pm (February and November) and 6pm (March and October). You can buy tickets for 8.50€, or at reduced prices for students (6€), seniors (7€), groups with more than four people persons (7.50€) and children aged 10 to 14 years old (4€) online or from its ticket office.

Unique holiday memories

With its distinct historical attractions, Majorca is set to provide you with a getaway experience like no other. If you check out the Royal Carthusian Monastery during your stay at Club MAC Alcudia, you can dive into a secretive monastic world, which once attracted the likes of Chopin and Sand to its simple, austere cells. You’re sure to leave this unique attraction with memories you’ll always cherish!

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