Can You Drink The Water In Majorca?

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Club MAC Alcudia

We’d strongly advise you to do some research before you fly out to the Balearics, so you have the knowledge needed to ensure you have a fabulous time at Club MAC Alcudia. We always like to lend you a helping hand wherever we can, so this week we ask: can you drink the water in Majorca?

Water safety

It is vital that before you leave the UK for pastures new, you find out whether you can drink the water in your chosen holiday destination. Tap water sanitation standards vary from territory-to-territory, so if you don’t look at this issue before you fly out you could end up casting a shadow over your entire holiday. So can you drink the water in Majorca? Advice site Welcome to Majorca writes that tap water in the largest of the Balearic Islands tends to have high mineral content.

Water at Club MAC

At Club MAC Alcudia, we make sure that all water on site is completely safe for guests. We carefully filter our water through a process called ‘reverse osmosis’ to make sure it is completely safe. This is a water purification technology that is used to remove any negative elements from cooking and drinking water, to ensure it is of the highest standard.

We use reverse osmosis to carefully filter the water we use for our ice cubes, dishwashers and glass washing machines. This also applies to the water used in the self-service taps in our bars, a well the water used in our machines to make and mix drinks such as coffee, juice and coke. If you are heading out of the resort and would like to take water with you, you can buy high quality bottled water, along with snacks, souvenirs and other essential items at the shop on the Club MAC Alcudia site. You can also access bottled water through vending machines across our resort. If you already have an empty bottle you can refill at any of the self-service drinking water taps in the bar areas!

Find bottled water

If you’re spending the day away from Club MAC Alcudia and you haven’t got some bottled water from the resort ahead of time, you can go to a supermarket while you’re out and about in Alcudia town. There are plenty around, and they all sell water at around 1€ for a 5 litre bottle. We should note that there are two types of bottled water in Majorcan supermarkets. These are still water, known as “agua sin gas” and sparkling mineral water, which is called “agua con gas.”

Contact Club MAC

At Club MAC Alcudia, we’re always looking to inform you on topics such as drinking water so you can have a safe, yet fabulous holiday. If you want to find out anything else please contact us via our main website so we can give you the information you need to have a first-rate Majorcan getaway!

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