How to Keep Informed About Club MAC Alcudia

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Club MAC Newsletter

Do you want to stay up to date with what’s happening at our resort? We provide you with a number of ways to stay informed with everything at Club MAC Alcudia.

Improving service

Club MAC Alcudia is an outstanding family holiday resort, located in the historic port town of Alcudia, on the North-Eastern edge of Majorca. We provide a range of facilities and activities to ensure you have the best holiday experience possible when you fly out to Majorca.

Here at Club MAC Alcudia we strive to constantly improve our service. This year we introduced a Guest Satisfaction Department, to ensure we provide you with everything you want when you stay at Club MAC. Our team use a number of means to keep you informed of the latest developments at our resort.

Back home

If you’re staying at Club MAC, you could always pick up our daily newsletter. We use this to provide you with a range of vital information you need to enjoy your stay with us. This includes the daily weather forecast, a Spanish word of the day that you can try out when you head into Alcudia, and the latest news on our entertainment programme, which is suitable for guests of all ages.

The letter also includes information on our evening shows, theme dinners, restaurants, bars and self-services, as well as tips, news of the day, general information and who is who at Club MAC. You can also take some time to look at the board on the main wall of our Club House to stay informed with what’s happening at Club MAC.

Furthermore the team posts information on the day’s entertainment programme and evening shows to the boards in the lounges of the Jupiter and Marte hotels. You can also look at TV screens in the lounges in each of the three main Club MAC buildings to find out what’s happening at our resort.

Away from the resort

However you don’t have to be physically at Club MAC to stay informed with what’s happening at our resort. We utilise a number of online channels to ensure that you can keep yourself up-to-date with what’s going on, as well as learn more about we’re striving to improve the Club MAC experience.

We regularly post information to our social media accounts such as Facebook and Twitter. We use Twitter to announce all the activities of the Entertainment Programme at Club MAC for that day, which we do 30 minutes in advance. You can also check out our website, blog (we post two blogs every week) and participate in our web chats to keep yourself informed of what’s happening at Club MAC.

Striving to inform

You can always keep yourself informed of what’s going on at Club MAC Alcudia. Whether you’re staying with us or back home in the UK, we constantly strive to provide you with the information you need to ensure you have a fabulous time when you arrive in sun-drenched Majorca.

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