Macky & Misha: Where it All Started

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Macky and Mish Club MAC Alcudia

Today we want to get all nostalgic and explain where it all started for Macky & Misha; the loveable Martians who ensure your kids have a great experience during their time at Club MAC Alcudia.

Kids’ paradise 

Here at Club MAC Alcudia – a family resort based in the historic port town of Alcudia, Majorca – we do everything we can to make sure your kids have an awesome time with us. We’re lucky enough to count Macky & Misha as part of our children’s entertainment team. Two loveable aliens, Macky & Misha spend their days getting to know all the kids who visit Club MAC, but how did they come to live at our resort?

Visitors to earth

The story starts many, many years ago when a spaceship from Mars landed on the sun-drenched Island of Majorca. The landing was really bumpy and the spaceship fell to the bottom of a lake, but not before two little crew members managed to make their escape.

Unfortunately they were stranded and had no choice but to live concealed in the bush area surrounding the lake for a very, very long time. They sat and watched as a huge resort was built near the lake, along with a waterpark, providing tourists from all over the world with a wonderful place to come to relax and enjoy themselves.

Joining the fun

Whilst they were building the resort, some workmen came face-to-face with the aliens. To start with the workmen were a touch afraid, but they soon realised they had nothing to fear from the two friendly little Martians, who they discovered were called Macky & Misha. After talking to the population of the nearby village and the owners of the stunning new resort, everyone decided to welcome Macky and Misha into the Club MAC family.

We even built them their own small house and swimming pool to make them feel comfortable staying at the resort. And the rest’s history. Since their invitation to stay, Macky and Misha have welcomed visitors from all over the planet to Club MAC, ensuring that everyone has a great time. These days they spend their time helping run the activities of the animation team at MINI Club.

They’ve also been kind enough to teach us about themselves and their home planet. They’ve regaled us with tales of their home planet; a stunning place filled with beautiful plants and lush, green forests. With their help our gardeners, they’ve planted a range of picturesque plants and flowers to provide guests with stunning greenery during their stay at Club MAC.

Play with Macky & Misha

Ever since they joined the team, Macky & Misha have dedicated themselves to playing and dancing with all the kids that come to Club MAC. Come see and you’ll soon agree that what began with a bumpy landing evolved into a fabulous story finished with a happy ending. It’s the tale of two Martians who came to earth to make friends with your little ‘uns when they travel out to Club MAC Alcudia for the holiday of a lifetime!

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