What are the Most Popular Songs at Club MAC?

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To show you just how fabulous a time you’re destined to have at Club MAC Alcudia, this week we thought we’d reveal what guests are listening to at our resort this season!

Club MAC music

Here at Club MAC Alcudia – the outstanding family resort in Alcudia, Majorca – we take one of life’s most beloved sayings to heart. We believe that the best moments of your life are set to music, which is why music plays a huge part in life at our resort. You can access a number of music-based activities when you stay with us including MINI Disco and Club Dance…

MINI Disco

If your kids feel like spending some time on the dance floor, you can always take them to the Club MAC MINI Disco. Here some of the brightest members of our entertainment team pipe in the most infectious tunes for your little ones to enjoy, providing memories they’ll cherish throughout their lives.

At the moment, we’re getting a lot of requests for ‘Music Man, ‘Veo Veo,’ ‘Hocky Hocky,’ ‘Head Shoulder,’ Chu Chu Ua,’ ‘Superman,’ ‘Soy Una Taza,’ ‘Super Hero Song’ and of course, ‘Mimic Man.’ Meanwhile ‘It Burns, Burns, Burns’ by the extremely talented Loco Loco has been a particular favourite with the kids of MINI Disco this season.

Club Dance

For the adults we have Club Dance; a one-stop shop for all things party. Here the Club MAC team supply you some of the most banging pop tunes in the world to get your heart thumping and get your feet working!

This year guests have asked us to play a mix of classic dancefloor anthems and sultry up tempo numbers during their time at Club Dance. Popular tunes have included ‘El meme,’ ‘Danza Kuduro,’ ‘Torero,’ ‘Cha Cha Slide,’ ‘500 Miles,’ ‘La Vuelta,’ ‘Pause’  and ‘El Ventilador.’

Yet ‘Sunshine For Me,’ Sunshine For You,’ has proved more popular than any other tune here at Club Dance this year. By popular request this infectious song has been turned into a dance number, with the Club MAC team creating a choreographed routine for everyone to bop along to.

Set your holiday to music

When you stay at Club MAC, you’ll be able to set the best moments of your holiday to the hottest tunes. With crowd pleasers such as ‘It Burns, Burns, Burns’ and ‘Sunshine For  Me, Sunshine For You’ pumped regularly into MINI Disco and Club Dance, you’ll have a wonderful time at our resort!

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