Getting Through Airport Security as Quickly as Possible

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Club MAC Holiday Tips

With Club MAC Alcudia just a plane ride away, you might want to make sure you get through airport security as quickly as possible when you fly out to Majorca.

Getting to Club MAC

You and your family will have a fabulous time at Club MAC Alcudia. Based in the tourist hotspot of Alcudia, Majorca, we have a number of facilities including eight swimming pools and a range of amazing restaurants for you to enjoy. But first you have to catch a flight out from the UK to Majorca. This involves passing airport security; a necessary task, but one that can take far too long if you let it.

Tips for getting through security quickly

If you want to hurry up already and start enjoying your summer getaway, you should do everything you can to get through airport security as quickly as humanly possible. Here are five tips that’ll help you do exactly that!

1)      Get there early: The early bird catches the worm… or in this case the flight. The earlier you get to the airport, the earlier you’ll pass though security, giving you more time to relax and check out duty free before you board your flight.

2)      Prepare your documents: If you don’t have your documents e.g. passport to hand when you reach security, you’ll spend ages looking for them. We’d suggest you store your documents in the easy-to-reach front compartment of your hand luggage if you want to pass through airport security speedily.

3)      Pack hand-luggage properly: Speaking of hand luggage, you should make sure you pack it properly before you arrive at the airport. Therefore if you need to delve into your bag at security, you won’t have to spend ages rifling through your things, ensuring you’ll get through security as soon as you can.

4)      Dress for the occasion: Airport security may ask you to remove pieces of clothing, most often shoes, for safety reasons. You should wear easy-to-remove clothing when you go to an airport, to ensure this process is carried out quickly and efficiently.

5)      Pay for fast track: If you happen to have a little extra cash in your holiday fund, why not shell out for a fast track pass? Some airports allow you to purchase these passes and if they do, they’ll give you priority, so you can make your way through airport security before anyone else!

One step closer to Club MAC

Nobody wants to spend any more time in airport security than they absolutely have to. If you follow these tips you can make your way through as quickly as possible, and take that first step towards enjoying the getaway of a lifetime at Club MAC Alcudia!

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