How to Teach Your Kids to Swim

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Club MAC kids swim

To make sure your family has a fabulous time at Club MAC Alcudia, this week we’ve decided to let you know how you can teach your kids to swim.

Underwater adventure

If you want to provide your family with the underwater adventure of a lifetime, you should fly out to Club MAC Alcudia this summer. A first-rate family holiday resort in Alcudia, Majorca, not only we have eight swimming pools, but we just so happen to be located a stone’s throw away from the Mediterranean Sea!

But your kids won’t be able to enjoy all the water-based activities they’re destined to encounter when they come to Club MAC if they can’t swim. Therefore, it may fall to you to teach them how to master this essential life skill, before you travel out for a week of fun in the sun-drenched climes of Majorca.

Five teaching tips  

It can be hard to get kids to learn to swim, but if you use the following five tips, you’ll have your kids gliding through the water like pros before you set foot on Majorcan soil:

1)      Put safety first: Your kids will fail before they succeed. As a parent you need to create a safe learning environment, so your kids can fail without putting themselves in danger.

2)      Be positive: You need to build up your child’s confidence if you’re ever going to give them the ability to swim on their own. You should create a positive environment, so you can provide your child with the confidence they need to conquer the water.

3)      Progress gradually: Don’t allow a beginner to swim before they can paddle. You should teach simple swimming skills first, and progress onto more difficult abilities gradually, so you can give your children the space they need to master one skill at a time.

4)      Use aids: The best swimming instructors use aids such as flotation devices, kickboards and inflatables. These tools will provide your kids with the support they need to transition from amateur paddlers to expert swimmers.

5)      Make learning fun: Every school teacher who’s ever lived will tell you that kids don’t pay attention when they’re bored. Therefore you need to make learning to swim fun. You could, for example, employ the use of pool-based games and turn learning to swim into an underwater adventure of its very own!

Give your kids an adventure!

Teaching your children to swim will be tough work, but it’ll be so worth the effort. It’ll allow you to give your kids the skills they need to set off on an epic underwater adventure when they travel out to Club MAC Alcudia for the holiday of a lifetime!

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