A World of Fun for Everyone: Club MAC’s Unbeatable Family Entertainment!

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At Club MAC, we pride ourselves on offering an array of activities that cater to guests of all ages, ensuring that every family member has a memorable and fun-filled vacation. From the youngest toddlers to adults seeking relaxation or adventure, our resort is designed to keep everyone entertained and engaged. Here’s a glimpse into the extensive facilities and vibrant atmosphere that make Club MAC the ultimate family getaway.

For the Little Ones: Toddler Time and Beyond

Toddler Time

For our youngest guests, aged 18 months to 3 years, Toddler Time is a hit. Guided by expert caregivers, toddlers engage in sensory play, art activities, and music, fostering their physical, cognitive, and emotional development in a stimulating and safe environment.


This cosplay activity, also aimed at toddlers, transforms them into characters through face painting, tattoos, and hair styling. The children participate in themed games and workshops, and they even get a chance to show off their dance moves on stage in the evening.

Activities for Older Children

Pyjama Party

A cozy evening awaits children ages 4 to 11 at our Mini Cinema, where they can watch children’s films in a safe and comfortable setting, giving parents a chance to relax and enjoy the hotel’s adult entertainment options.

Ice Cream Party

Our Ice Cream Party is a delightful treat exclusively for members of the Mac kid’s Club, designed for children aged 4 to 6. During this sweet and entertaining afternoon, children get the exciting opportunity to create their own ice cream. They can choose their flavours, add toppings, and indulge in their custom creations. The fun doesn’t stop with dessert—themed games and activities are organized to keep the energy high and ensure every child has a memorable experience. It’s a deliciously fun part of our lineup, perfect for young guests to enjoy a taste of creativity and joy!

Be a Pirate and Welcome to Wonderland

Older children embark on themed adventures such as a pirate treasure hunt or a magical journey in “Welcome to Wonderland,” where they interact with fairy tale characters and engage in creative crafts.

Sports and Interactive Games

From water polo for budding athletes to inventive water sports activities in the pool, children aged 7 to 11 can enjoy energetic and team-building sports under the supervision of specialized coaches.

Parade around the Lake

Children of all ages can participate in a vibrant parade around the lake, a lively event featuring costumes, music, and dancing, promoting community spirit and creativity.

Entertainment for Adults

Water Sports and Relaxation

Adult guests can indulge in a variety of water sports, enjoy night shows, or unwind in designated relaxation areas. Activities such as archery, aqua fitness, and riffle shooting provide both fun and a chance to learn new skills in a supportive environment.

Nightly Entertainment

After the sun sets, adults are treated to spectacular night shows ranging from live music performances to themed dances, ensuring that the entertainment continues well into the night.

Family Time at Club MAC

Personalised Poolside Fun

Our poolside games cater to guests lounging by the water, where entertainers organize personalized games that fit the guests’ preferences and energy levels, enhancing their relaxation and enjoyment.

Aqua fun Pool Party

AquaFun is more than just swimming; it’s a lively celebration in the water. Set to upbeat music that keeps the energy high, the pool area transforms into a dynamic playground where families can participate in a variety of water-based games and activities. From water volleyball to poolside dance-offs, AquaFun is designed to provide an exhilarating experience that makes every splash count. Join us to cool off, enjoy some laughs, and make unforgettable holiday memories at our exciting AquaFun pool party!

At Club MAC, we are committed to providing a family-friendly environment with personalized attention from our dedicated staff. Whether it’s through themed parties, sports activities, or relaxing by the pool, we ensure that every guest finds their perfect way to enjoy and relax. The welcoming atmosphere at Club MAC is palpable, crafted carefully through the genuine care and attention to detail by our staff, making it more than just a resort—it’s a destination where families come together to create joyous memories. Come and experience the magic of Club MAC on your next family holiday!


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