Five Tips For Taking Your Baby To Majorca

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Majorca, home to Club MAC Alcudia, is a great getaway destination for kids of all ages, even babies. But really young children require a lot of attention and you might need a little help, to make sure they have a great getaway. Here are five tips you might want to try when taking your baby to Majorca.

Do some research

You need to do a lot of research before travelling, to ensure your baby will have everything they need. You’ll need supplies like formula and nappies, but don’t worry, you’ll can find these in shops across Alcudia and at our resort. Also check out your chosen resort, to see if they have the right facilities. At Club MAC, you can rent essential items like pushchairs and baby pones for very reasonable prices!

Keep them occupied

How are you going to get your baby satisfied through a plane journey, so they don’t start crying and annoy other passengers? Take something to keep them occupied, like rattles, teething rings, pop-up books and soft animals. Also how will you feed your baby on a plane? You can buy travel-size ready-made formula packs and pre-sterilised bottles at most pharmacies and shops respectively.

Tailor your schedule

The best way to give your baby a memorable getaway, is to find attractions they’ll love. Majorca has plenty of attractions which are perfect for younger kids like Marineland, where they can meet fascinating sea creatures.

Ensure they’re safe

You need to be vigilant when holidaying with babies. Invest in high factor sun cream, as average temperatures in Alcudia get high in summer, so you’ll need to protect their skin from the heat. Keep plenty of bottled water around, as babies can be sensitive to dehydration. Watch out for mosquitos and cover your pushchair with a net, especially at dawn and dusk, when they’re most active.

Make some memories

You may want to buy a camera and learn how to take the perfect holiday picture, before flying out to Majorca. When staying on this amazing island, there’s so much to do, so you’ll want to capture the memories. Getting a baby to behave while you’re taking a picture requires a lot of patience, but it’ll be worth it, as you can share their first holiday memories with them when they get older!

Choose your resort

It is really important that you pick the right resort, so you can give your baby a great Majorcan holiday experience. Here at Club MAC Alcudia, not only can you rent essential items and buy things you’ll need for your baby at our on-site shop, if they’re feeling unwell, you can utilise our medical services. Basically, we have everything you need to give your baby a fantastic first holiday!

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