Paying By Credit Card at Club MAC Alcudia

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Club MAC Online Booking

We aim to make booking a stay at Club MAC as easy as possible, so you can truly enjoy your Majorcan getaway of a lifetime. Here, we look at paying by credit card at Club MAC Alcudia.

Booking online

You can arrange your trip to Club MAC Alcudia from the comfort of your own home by booking online via our official website. We ask you to put down a 10% deposit when booking online and we accept a number of payment options.

If you are booking more than one room and intend to pay for them all, you must book all the rooms under the same booking. As specified on Club MAC’s website, the cardholder must be staying in the room and be part of the booking.

Guest also need to be aware that if a person makes three different bookings, two of them won’t have the guest staying in the room and therefore two of the bookings will have to pay cash at the reception.

If you are making a group booking we encourage the cardholder to do it all under one transaction. We are sorry about any inconveniences this may cause, however this is necessary for the hotel to avoid fraud.

If you book via our website, remember to bring the same card you used for your deposit on holiday with you. For security reasons, we will ask you to present this card when you arrive at Club MAC Alcudia, even if you don’t intend to use it to pay your remaining balance. We also ask for the cardholder to be present at Club MAC Alcudia when you pay for the booking in full.

It doesn’t matter if the credit card in question has expired. Bring it along anyway so you can prove that you are the holder of the card used to pay for your deposit. But what if your card has been lost or stolen, so you can’t present it when you arrive at Club MAC Alcudia? Don’t worry; we’ll simply refund your deposit and charge your total bill to another credit card when you check into our resort.

Matching details

We also ask you to use the same name when booking your Club MAC Alcudia stay on our website as the name on the card you use to pay for the deposit. If use different names, our system will list the wrong name when detailing who has paid the deposit, so we will have to refund your deposit and charge you again at our resort. Look at the images below to see how to pay by credit card…

Club MAC Credit Card

There is a space on the top bar of the first page where can put your name. You will need to type your credit card details into the spaces on the second page, but you won’t need to put your name in again. You should also remember to make sure that the name of the person booking the trip is the same as the cardholder, or we will have to refund your deposit when you arrive at Club MAC Alcudia.

Start off right

Who wants to spend their time dawdling in reception when they jet out to the sunny skies of Majorca? If you book your stay online via credit card follow this advice, so you can whiz through reception and start your dream getaway right when your arrive at our resort!

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