Total peace of mind with kid tracker app

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Club MAC

Club MAC Alcudia is now offering total peace of mind with a special tracking bracelet that you can attach to your children. An app then lets you know where they are at all times while on our resort, so you can lie back and enjoy the sun secure in the knowledge of where your child is at all times within the complex.

Solution to an old problem

Worrying about the whereabouts of your children can make your holiday stressful as you try to keep tabs on them.

The alternative is not allowing them to move from your side, which is no fun for anyone! At Club MAC Alcudia we like to foster an atmosphere of fun in a safe, respectful family environment. But you can never be too careful, particularly if your children like to run off and explore.

WiMyKids tracker

WiMiKids (Where Is My…) is the latest device from a company that specialises in tracking technology. The new device is small and subtle and waterproof.

It’s been specially designed to keep a track on kids at busy places, such as resorts, campsites, shopping malls and amusement parks. Simply download the free app and it will show you exactly where your child is on a map of the complex. It can also alert you when your child is approaching potential dangers such as a swimming pool or the main entrance.

While the app is designed for use in busy areas, it is dependent on there being tracking beacons around the site. Please note that this app works only within Club MAC Alcudia’s resort and at the entrance of the Hidropark across the road. It’s not set up for the beach, port or rest of the surrounding area.

Benefits of the tracker

Our resort can be very busy during high season and it can be easy to lose sight of your children. Of course, it’s unlikely that there would be a problem, but the WiMiKids tracker and app can put your mind at rest.

The tracker benefits for you include:

  • Peace of mind and the comfort of knowing where your children are at all times within the complex.
  • You can see where your children are on the map of Club Mac.
  • Contact information and useful data including allergies and illnesses can also be saved in the bracelet.
  • Immediate information. You will get notifications on your smartphone when your child is in certain areas, such as swimming pools and exits.

Prices of tracker

You can hire the WiMyKids tracker for just 2.00€ per day. Alternatively, you can hire it for 10.00€ for a full week. To add on extra days after the week, you would be charged a reduced 1.5€. A deposit of 15 € is also required, but this is returned to you when you bring the tracker back.

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