Terms and conditions for the use of this official website

This information regulates by law the use of the website www.mac-hotels.com, that the trading company TRIAUNO SL puts at the disposal of the internet users.

In order to guarantee the correct use of our website and offer a quality service, we hereby set out the legal conditions for the use of www.mac-hotels.com:

The use of this website gives the user the condition of user and implies the full acceptance with no reservations of all the legal provisions included in this legal advice as soon as the user enters the webpage. Consequently, the user must read carefully this text in each of their visits to the webpage as provisions could be modified.

Through this online booking service you are contracting a booking of tourist accommodation, a service subject to the following conditions that you declare to have read and understood:

Ownership of the webpage

The owner of this webpage and the domain names mac-hotels.com and hoteles-mac.com is the trading company TRIAUNO SL with address in C/ Gremi Tintorers, 25 A. Polígono Son Castelló, Palma de Mallorca 07009, Tel: +34 971 010 930 Fax: +34 971 010 950 and with tax code number B-07117401.

The company is registered in the business register of Mallorca with the following data: Volume 568, Section 3rd, Book 487, Folio 126, Page 12.535, and e-mail address: [email protected]

Authorisation by the Administration, Tourism Council, Balearic Islands Government:

  • Hotel Júpiter H-PM-2324
  • Hotel Marte H-PM-2236
  • Hotel Saturno H-PM-2313

Description of the service

TRIAUNO SL offers in this webpage information related to their trading activity, products, services and more specifically information about their hotels and how to make a hotel booking online.

To proceed to book a hotel, the user must be of age and have the legal capacity to contract the services offered on this website. The access to this website is the full responsibility of the user.


In order to offer a quality service, TRIAUNO SL reserves the right to make modifications to the products or services offered through this webpage, without prior notice.

In relation to the rates, TRIAUNO SL will be able to modify them without prior notice although the prices offered on the website at the time of booking will always be guaranteed.

Personal information

The contracting of services on this website implies the registry of the user. The user is responsible for the veracity of the data inserted when registering as a client.

The user must keep safe the user and password that gives access to this website. TRIAUNO SL will not be responsible of any damange or prejudice consequence of a bad use of said information by a third party.

The user confirms that the data inserted when making the booking is correct (hotel, number of rooms, arrival date, number of nights, etc.). The user must review all the information carefully before accepting the booking contract.

The data supplied when making the booking is the responsibility of the user, who accepts they are true and complete. TRIAUNO SL will not be responsible for the consequences of inserting false or incorrect information.

TRIAUNO SL guarantees that the description of the various hotels, services offered and any other content that appears on the web are true to the facts.

TRIAUNO SL takes no responsibility about the possible discrepancies that could arise between the version on their printed documents and the online version of the same information published on their websites. The documents published on this web could incur technical weakness or typographical mistakes.

Web rates

The price of the booking exclusively includes the concepts contracted on the booking form.

The total and final calculation of the booking includes the corresponding VAT, unless expressly indicated otherwise. Whatsover other tax or duty due as a result of the accommodation shall be paid additionally at the establishment.

The availability and price of the requests for special services (e.g. a baby’s cot or a supplementary bed, etc.) which have not been included in the calculation of the online booking shall remain pending confirmation by the hotel.

*ATTENTION: during the booking process the prices are mentioned in British Pounds and US Dollars only as an orientation and for the information of international clients, therefore the payment for your booking must be made at the hotel only always in Euros.

Form of payment

Each rate specifies in the terms and conditions the form of payment for such rate. In the cases where a deposit or a full payment is required, the payment will be made via our bank’s payment gateway during the booking process or you can pay also by bank transfer to the hotel´s account (deposit of 25%); The remaining payment of the booking must be paid by the client on arrival at the hotel.

Booking confirmation

The confirmation or voucher for your booking that you obtain at the end of the booking process must be kept and printed by the client, and must be presented by the client on arrival to the hotel.

Once the booking process is finished, you will receive automatically an email with the booking voucher.

Check in and check out times

As a rule the rooms can be occupied from 2pm on the day of arrival and must be vacated before 11am on the day of departure. If you expect to check in late at the hotel please inform the hotel via email as soon as possible.

Modification of the booking

The modification must be made always more than 24 hours before the date of arrival at the hotel via e-mail, via telephone or via fax, always stating the booking reference.

The modification will depend on the availability of TRIAUNO SL at the time the request is made.

Booking cancellation

The booking can be cancelled. The cancellation fees will depend on the contracted rate and will be shown during the booking process and on your booking receipt. The non refundable rates will imply that the amount paid will not be returned. If you wish to cancel and your rate conditions imply the right to have a deposit returned*, please contact us by email to [email protected] Please always indicate your booking reference.

The Guest must ensure that the booking has been made correctly (dates and number of adults and children are correct). The hotel cannot be hold responsible for any mistakes and if any.

No show

In case of NO SHOW, customers will lose the amount already paid, if any, as a penalty and the booking will be cancelled.

* The bank charges generated by cancellations will be at the client’s expense. The bill for cancellation penalties will be sent to the address established when making the booking.


If during your stay you decided to check out before the date you were supposed to, the hotel will charge you one night penalty as well as the nights you would have already stayed.


Deals and offers shall be valid only during the time they remain open to booking by customers on the website.

Intellectual and industrial property

All the contents of this website (including, without limiting: brands, trading name, logos, domain names, photos, texts, etc.) are the property of TRIAUNO SL and are protected by the national and international laws about industrial and intellectual property.

The unauthorised use of these elements such as reproduction, modification, adding, deleting, alteration or any other activity made without the authorisation of TRIAUNO SL will mean infringement of the law of intellectual and industrial property and any other applicable laws.

Links and publicity on the website

TRIAUNO SL will not be responsible for the information contained in third party web pages accessible via hypertext links on this webpage. The existence of the links on this webpage is merely for information purposes, and does not imply a suggestion or invitation to visit them.

If the website incorporates publicity from third parties, through banners, links, pop ups, etc., the advertising companies declare that they enforce the law of industrial or intellectual property, and therefore will be solely responsible for the photos, text, logos, information included in the adverts.

Limits of use

This website is for your personal use and never for a commercial use. It is forbidden to modify, copy, distribute, transfer, reproduce, publish, commercialise, sell or carry out any other activity that could be made with the contents of this webs, unless you have written authorisation from TRIAUNO SL

  • 1) To be able to use the page, the user guarantees to TRIAUNO SL that they will not use this page for purposes that are illegal or forbidden by the present conditions.
  • 2) The user of this webpage must make use of the page according to law and to the bona fide rules.

It is expressly forbidden for the users to break or try to break the security measures established for the correct functioning of the website, including but not excluding: access to the information or private data not destined to the public use, the sending of viruses, the sending of spam mailing. The break or attempt to break the security of the system or the information booked, will give the right to TRIAUNO SL to pursue said activity and to investigate in order to state the civil or criminal liability.

Personal data protection

TRIAUNO SL guarantees the compliance of the Ley Orgánica 15/1.999 for the protection of personal data and complimentary regulations, in relation to the treatment of personal data obtained through this webpage.

TRIAUNO SL guarantees also the confidentiality of the communications made by the users through this webpage.


TRIAUNO SL will not be responsible for:

  • Interruptions in the availability of the information due to the lack of internet connection, breakdown of the network or any other force majeure reason or not controllable by TRIAUNO SL
  • The damage produced by computer viruses.
  • The consequences derived from the bad use of the contents of this webpage by the users.

TRIAUNO SL can interrupt the service of the webpage without the right of the user to make any claim, for security reasons, maintenance, updating or restructuration of the IT resources in order to improve the service.

The user is responsible for the communications to TRIAUNO SL as well as for the date introduced, and therefore the consequences from such actions, for example inserting false or incorrect information.

Infringement of the conditions

TRIAUNO SL reserves the right to take civil or criminal action against people or legal entities that infringe any of the conditions established.

Law and applicable jurisdiction

Generally the relations between TRIAUNO SL and the users and clients, through the contracting of products and services from this website or from the conditions established for the correct use of the website, will be governed by the Spanish law and under the jurisdiction of the Balearic Islands Court of Law.

Client’s obligations

  • To pay the price of the services contracted, without claim or complain that could free him from such obligation.
  • Follow the rules of the hotel establishment where he is enjoying the services.
  • Follow the rules of hygiene, education and good manners towards the rest of the users and the staff of the hotel.
  • To respect the environment.


  • To put at the client’s disposal the number of rooms, of the type and with the occupation established in the booking made.
  • If, for circumstances beyond the client’s control, the hotel failed to keep the obligation to have the rooms contracted available, the hotel will provide accommodation in an establishment of the same or superior official category and similar characteristics, taking care of the difference in price, transfer expenses and any other charges involved due to the lack of the contracted service.
  • To guarantee the quality of the services given, according to the official category and to be responsible for any claims as a consequence of any deficiencies found and proven in the services.
  • To have a complaint’s book at the client’s disposal.

Jurisdiction and applicable law

The contracting parts accept to submit expressly and voluntarily to the jurisdiction and Court of Law of Palma de Mallorca (Balearic Islands – Spain) for the resolution of any conflicts derived from the interpretation and application of the present contract.

The law applicable will be the Spanish one.

  • Soc. Unipersonal
  • B-28278885
  • C/Gremio Tintoreros,25-A
  • 07009 Pol Son Castelló, Palma de Mallorca