Club MAC Alcudia’s New Online Registration System

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Club MAC Alcudia

This season Club MAC Alcudia has launched a new online registration system to make it easier for you to register your parties into your rooms when you arrive.

What happens when you arrive at Club MAC?

Club MAC Alcudia is a fantastic family resort based in the port town of Alcudia in Majorca, Spain. By law we’re required to collect your full details such as address and passport number etc. This means we need you to provide your details before you arrive at our resort.

Previously, when you arrived at Club MAC you were required to visit the Marte building to complete this process, where you would complete forms by hand before receiving your room key.

Now, this process has been made far quicker and easier by the hotel’s new online registration service.

Online registration

Now you can register online. Just fill out the form and click “accept” to send us your details and register your family at Club MAC before you fly.  You can register multiple guests at the end of the process by clicking “accept and add another person.”

It’s important that everybody in your party – including children and babies – are registered online.

This will make things so much quicker when you arrive. Now, you won’t have to queue as we have installed a number of “turn ticket machines” in the Marte reception. It has options for people who have already registered online and those who haven’t, but it gives priority to the former so it’s well worth taking a few minutes to register online before you arrive in Alcudia.

Then you can sit and chill, maybe grab a tea, coffee or juice from one of our 24 hour coffee corners and wait to be called up. With our new system, if you’ve already registered online when you reach the desk all you have to do is stamp your signature confirming your details on a tablet, and you’ll be given keys to your room and any additional information you need straight away.

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At Club MAC Alcudia we realise that you don’t want to waste a minute of your holiday queueing at the hotel. That’s why we’ve launched our new online registration system; so you can do the leg work before you fly and start enjoying our pools and all inclusive facilities as soon as possible!

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